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Evaluate Mine Operating Efficiency with Our Mine Economics Model.

Sharpen your perspective on mine cost analysis for well-informed business and investment decisions.

S&P Global Market Intelligence's mine cost coverage includes the majority of global production for each metal with historical data from 1991 and estimates through 2040. Our commodity coverage includes cobalt, copper, gold, iron ore, lead, molybdenum, nickel, palladium, platinum, rhodium, silver, uranium and zinc. 

Benchmark Cost Curves 
Create presentation-ready charts displaying where your company ranks on a global cost curve for competitive analysis. Our intuitive charting tool enables you to drill down within the SNL Metals & Mining database to group, filter, label and highlight multiple cost curves by property, equity owner or geography. Incorporate data series such as All-in Costs, All-in Sustaining Costs, Total Cash Margins and other filters to obtain deeper analytical insights into cash costs and production forecast. View detailed mine level production, costs and cash flows. 

Perform Scenario-Based Risk Analysis
Evaluate possible risk caused by unanticipated market changes. Our flexible models let you analyse mine value, costs and production for insight to react to the market. Apply your proprietary price assumptions or apply our Consensus Commodity Price Broker Forecasts to the model. Export the full flex model to Excel or a PDF. Our Flex Model allows you to change, save and flex assumptions for all mines for all forecast years:

  • Metal Prices & Fuel Costs
  • Exchange Rates
  • Country level Cost Percent Inflators (ie, Labor, Electricity, Reagents etc.)
  • Pellet Plant Natural Gas Percent change (Iron Ore)
  • Concentrate and Refining Charges (Base and Precious commodities)
  • Tax Rates

mine cost analysis


Turn our Mine Economics data into cutting-edge insights for your business.

Here are some reports powered by our Mine Economics data.

Solution for Mining Companies

Benchmark Operational Efficiency With Industry Peers

Anticipate changes in the market, minimize cash costs and maintain production targets with insight from Mine Economics.

  • Evaluate mine viability by plotting commodity price lines and percentile lines to analyse the investment potential of a mine. Incorporate additional data series such as All-in Costs, All-in Sustaining Costs, Total Cash Margins and other filters to obtain deeper analytical insights into cash costs and production forecast.
  • Rank your cost metrics against peer groups and evaluate cost structures.By understanding their cost structure, you can identify ways to improve your operational efficiency, evaluate key cost cutting strategies, and well-informed capital investment decisions.
  • Leverage our historical data from 1991 and estimates through 2040, and chart a time trend analysis using different cost metrics options.
  • Adjust macro-level inputs such as commodity prices, labor costs, energy prices, foreign exchange rates and treatment charges to how examine how the interplay of these factors may change the ranking of your cost curve, cash flow and production costs.

Sharpen your perspective on mine cost analysis for
well-informed business and investment decisions.


Solution for Investment Banking, Private Equity and Investment Management

Identify Strong Performing Mines to Maximize Alpha

Identify mines with high operating efficiency and forecast impact on profitability with scenario-based risk analysis to maximize your investment.

  • Leverage our Mine Economics Model and Consensus Commodity Price Forecasts to understand how estimated production costs (such as All-in Costs and All-in Sustaining Costs (AISC) and projected cash flow can impact on the profitability of your targeted mine operation. Our cash flow models can be adjusted based on your assumptions to facilitate the construction of the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) model. 
  • Find assets that fit your investment profile by screening through our extensive database of global properties. Set filters for criteria such as commodity, mine level production, costs and cash position to identify potential targets or distressed assets. Conduct due diligence with our in-depth financial, asset, resources and reserves data on mining companies and mines to assess the transaction value.
  • Evaluate the performance of existing mining investments with our Mine Economics model. Benchmark cost curves of your projects against the industry’s peers to assess operational efficiency.
  • Conduct “stress tests” with your own assumptions to forecast impact on profitability as commodity prices fluctuate. Our flexible models let you adjust macro level inputs such as commodity prices, labour costs, energy prices and foreign exchange rates.

Solution for Mining Service Providers and Equipment Suppliers

Drive Prospecting Efforts With Mine Cost Analysis

Evaluate the operational efficiency of potential prospects using the Mine Economics Model. Benchmark against peers, drill-down into costs, and build your business with essential intelligence.

  • Examine the components of total cash cost to find mines that need your products and services. View mine and mill costs, labor, energy, reagents, TC/RC, royalty costs.
  • Analyze sustaining CapEx and exploration, corporate overhead and reclamation provisions to get a clear picture of the all-in sustaining cost (AISC) of the operation.
  • Review capital budgets for your business planning process by analyzing sustaining,development and exploration CapEx included in all-in costs.

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Our Mine Economics data is carefully gathered and analyzed by our team of experts, and integrated into our online database and Excel add-in. Our data standardization and detailed model notes offers a transparent view of the underlying analyst assumptions, sources and methodology. Call on our analysts to gain a clear explanation of our methodologies, set up models or help you complete a project. Our 24x365x7 global support team is just a phone call.

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